Notes of wildflower honey, tarragon freshly squeezed Meyer lemons, and pate de fruit on the nose, with bright acidity on the palate and candied pineapple, the perfect balance of evolution and “quaffability”.


Delicate, culinary herbs on the nose, like strolling through the garden, hints of “salad” as the British might say, perfumed white-petaled flowers upon further delving, think gardenias! and an abundance of fruit from lychees to Asian pears; on the palate, a myriad of citrus notes from lime zest to fresh pomelo juice and intense lemon curd, with a bright finish, a truly food-friendly wine.


A brilliant lemon hue, with aromatic notes of citrus — running the gamut from lemon to lime and zest to juice – and stone fruits to boot, like white peaches. The palate is layered with lean tropical notes of fresh pineapple, green mango, pink peppercorns, hints of white-petaled flowers, and a bright, yet round finish, evoking memories of lemon meringue pie on a sunny afternoon.